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7 - Prayer of Dedication

It is good every day, to dedicate your life to the Lord, in a manner that separates me from the sins of those who have gone before me.

This clears the way before me so I can make progress in life:

Our Father in heaven:
Today I present before You
The blood of the Lord Jesus Christ
which has made atonement
both for my abominable sins
and for the abominable sins of my ancestors.

Father, I repent of every abonination
of idolatry and witchcraft
practised by my ancestors or myself.

I apply the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ
to everything in my history or ancestry
that is an abomination to You.

I renounce it from my life and character
and I ask that You cleanse me deeply today.

I ask that Your word will
separate between my soul and spirit
and cause a deep transformation in my inner man.

I ask that
the anointing of the Holy Spirit will be upon me
to sanctify me and make me holy
setting me apart for Your holy service.

I declare that no curse of ancestral witchcraft
shall have dominion over
my heart, soul, mind or strength
I declare that today
I shall take the way of righteousness
and I shall experience no death
but instead I shall experience
the abundant life the Lord Jesus paid for and promised me.

I declare that today
I take up the light burden of the Lord Jesus Christ
and I refuse all other burdens which are not from Him.

I declare that from this day forward
I will worship and serve the Lord my God
with gladness and singleness of purpose
being both a minister and a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ
who is my Savious and Redeemer,
The Holy Spirit having full access to all my faculties.

Arise, O Lord
and scatter Your enemies
Let them flee before You today!

Praise God for freedom!

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