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Praying in a Situation of Threat

2 Kings 19:
9 Soon afterwards news reached [King Sennacherib of Assyria] that King Tirhakah of Ethiopia was coming to attack him. Before leaving to meet the attack, he sent back this message to King Hezekiah:

10 "Don't be fooled by that god you trust in. Don't believe it when he says that I won't conquer Jerusalem. You know perfectly well what the kings of Assyria have done wherever they have gone; they have completely destroyed everything. Why would you be any different?
Have the gods of the other nations delivered them ? such nations as Gozan, Haran, Rezeph, and Eden in the land of Telassar? The former kings of Assyria destroyed them all! What happened to the king of Hamoth and the king of Arpad? What happened to the kings of Sepharvaim, Hena, and Ivvah?"

14 Hezekiah took the (threatening) letter from the messengers, read it, and went over to the Temple and spread it out before the Lord. 15 Then he prayed this prayer:

"O Lord God of Israel, sitting on your throne high above the angels, you alone are the God of all the kingdoms of the earth. You created the heavens and the earth. 16 Bend low, O Lord, and listen. Open your eyes, O Lord, and see. Listen to this man's defiance of the living God.
17 Lord, it is true that the kings of Assyria have destroyed all those nations 18 and have burned their idol-gods. But they weren't gods at all; they were destroyed because they were only things that men had made of wood and stone.
19 O Lord our God, we plead with you to save us from his power; then all the kingdoms of the earth will know that you alone are God."

20 Then Isaiah sent this message to Hezekiah:
"The Lord God of Israel says, 'I have heard you! And this is my reply to King Sennacherib: ... Whom have you defied and blasphemed? And toward whom have you felt so cocky? It is the Holy One of Israel!
23 " 'You have boasted, "My chariots have conquered the highest mountains, yes, the peaks of Lebanon. I have cut down the tallest cedars and choicest cypress trees and have conquered the farthest borders. I have been refreshed at many conquered wells, and I destroyed the strength of Egypt just by walking by!"
25 " 'Why haven't you realized long before this that it is I, the Lord, who lets you do these things? ... I know everything about you. I know all your plans and where you are going next; and I also know the evil things you have said about me.
28 And because of your arrogance against me, I am going to put a hook in your nose and a bridle in your mouth and turn you back on the road by which you came. And this is the proof that I will do as I have promised: This year my people will eat the volunteer wheat and use it as seed for next year?s crop; and in the third year they will have a bountiful harvest.

30 " 'O my people Judah, those of you who have escaped the ravages of the siege shall become a great nation again; you shall be rooted deeply in the soil and bear fruit for God. A remnant of my people shall become strong in Jerusalem. The Lord is eager to cause this to happen.

32 " 'And my command concerning the king of Assyria is that he shall not enter this city. He shall not stand before it with a shield, nor build a ramp against its wall, nor even shoot an arrow into it. He shall return by the road he came, for I will defend and save this city for the sake of my own name and for the sake of my servant David.' "

36 Then King Sennacherib returned to Nineveh; and as he was worshiping in the temple of his god Nisroch, his sons Adrammelech and Sharezer killed him. They escaped into eastern Turkey the land of Ararat and his son Esarhaddon became the new king.   (The Living Bible)

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