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15 - Seeing Our Father's Goodness:

Psalm 78:
11 And they forgot about the wonderful miracles God had done for them and for their fathers in Egypt.
1 Samuel 7:
12 Samuel then took a stone and placed it between Mizpah and Jeshanah and named it Ebenezer (meaning, "the Stone of Help"), for he said, "The Lord has certainly helped us!"
2 Kings 6:
15 When the prophet's servant got up early the next morning and went outside, there were troops, horses, and chariots everywhere. "Alas, my master, what shall we do now?" he cried out to Elisha.
16 "Don't be afraid!" Elisha told him. "For our army is bigger than theirs!"
17 Then Elisha prayed, "Lord, open his eyes and let him see!" And the Lord opened the young man's eyes so that he could see horses of fire and chariots of fire everywhere upon the mountain!
Psalm 28:
6 Oh, praise the Lord, for he has listened to my pleadings!
7 He is my strength, my shield from every danger.
I trusted in him, and he helped me.
Joy rises in my heart until I burst out in songs of praise to him.
8 The Lord protects his people and gives victory to his anointed king.   (The Living Bible)

Father in heaven,
YOU are my God and therefore YOU are now in charge of my life!
Help me NEVER to forget the wonderful ways in which You helped me in the past, because then I become fearful and full of ingratitude.

My purpose is to remember all Your blessings every day and be thankful.
Lord, open my eyes, so that I see the full truth of Your faithfulness in every matter that faces me today.
Help me to call to mind that Your loving-kindness comes to me fresh from You every morning.
   that the Holy Spirit lives within me and guides me every day.
   that Your goodness and mercy follow me every day of my life.
Thank You so much, that every day of my life thus far, You have been there for me in these wonderful ways.
Thank You that You are for me today and therefore nothing can be against me.
Thank You for being my strength, and my shield from every danger.
Thank You for the privilege of trusting You and receiving Your help.
Thank You for Your quality of Joy rising up within me and bubbling out of me in songs of praise and victory today.
Thank You for Your unfailing faithfulness, protection and victory today,
in Jesus' mighty name,