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4 - Submit-Resist

When you open your heart to God, as you just did,
it is also necessary to Submit to Him and Resist the things that used to motivate you.

If you are not sure how to pray the prayer of Submitting to God and Resisting the Devil, here is a pattern prayer you might like to use.
Remember to shut yourself in with God and pray with all your heart.

In the name of Jesus, I resist Rebellion, Witchcraft, Stubbornness, Iniquity and Idolatry. I renounce Deception, Unjust Accusation, Lying and Believing Lies.

I ask You to cultivate in me the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness and self control.

In the name of Jesus, today I continue to receive Beauty in place of the Ashes of regret. I continue to receive the Oil of Joy in place of Grief and Mourning.

I choose to throw off the spirit of Heaviness and put on the Garment of Praise.

I commit myself to sober-mindedness and vigilance. Thank You for opening the eyes of my understanding,
in the name of Jesus.

Some readers may have a problem with the things we resist in this prayer. If this is the case, you may experience difficulty when you try to pray this prayer out loud.
Do not be afraid.

Press past the resistance and reach out to the Lord with all your heart. Do not be afraid to pray the prayer aloud again tomorrow! God is hearing and answering.
Pray this prayer each day until the resistance inside you stops.

Now I can boldly declare:
Since I have put my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,
I am done with living apart from Christ.
I am done with being an enemy of God's children.
I am done with being lost and without God, becaue the Blood of Jesus has brought me near to my heavenly Father.
Praise God!
I am fully alive with the glow of my heavenly Father's love for me.
Though once I was far away from God,
now I am included in His family as a child of His,
with full promises of His help
and now I belong to the Lord.
My life is full of hope in Christ.
Hallelujah for the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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