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3 - Prayer to allow God's Forgiveness into my Life:

Just as God has forgiven my offences against Him, He requires me to do the same for others who have offended me through disappointment, hurt, abuse, neglect etc.

We need to forgive so that God's forgiveness can really benefit us fully.

Here is a prayer to help you begin in this area:

Heavenly Father, I thank You that when I asked You to forgive my sins, that You did, and You did not hold them against me.

I want to open my life to the benefits of Your forgiveness and peace. Therefore, I want to forgive (call the names of those who come to your mind) for sinning against me. I let them go from my heart and I give up my anger against them.

In the name of Jesus, I BLESS them from my heart. I release them from every evil I have called into their lives and I ask You to forgive me for speaking evil over them.

I ask You to heal the hurt in my heart, so that my soul will be restored as You promised.

I renounce unforgiveness and I ask You to release me from the tormentors, so that I can experience Your peace.

Thank You for hearing and answering me now,
as I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ,

Please remember that forgiveness sometimes takes time to accomplish.
You may need to pray this prayer more than once before you see your emotions coming into line with what you are praying.
If the unforgiveness is very deeply embedded, you may need the help of a Pastor or Christian Counsellor to pray with you.

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